October 4

Marc Murphy: The Basics

I believe that if you ask a person to list 25 things about themselves you may not have known already, you’re likely to get to the true essence of who they are pretty quickly. I even added an extra five to my list for good measure.


25 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Murphy

  1. I never complain about anything, ever.
  2. I speak French, Italian and kitchen Spanish fluently. English, not so much.
  3. I was a clown on the Achille Lauro when I was 16. Yes, you read that right.
  4. I didn’t go to college.
  5. If I wasn’t severely dyslexic, I might have been an architect.
  6. I drink at least six cups of tea a day. Always needing caffeine.
  7. I don’t believe in moisturizer and only use it because my wife tells me to.
  8. My last meal would be a big bowl of carbonara, made by me.
  9. I’m a dual citizen of the US and France.
  10. When I was between jobs in the 90s I assisted choreographer Jerome Robbins while he was putting together the Jerome Robbins Retrospective at New York City Ballet.
  11. I built Landmarc [Tribeca] almost entirely by myself.
  12. I can’t talk about my kids without getting weepy.
  13. I have incredible amounts of energy, but when I’m tired I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, in seconds.
  14. My favorite mode of transportation is a motorcycle or Vespa.
  15. I was the Executive Chef of Cellar in the Sky at Windows in the World Trade Center after the first bombing.
  16. I used to dislike okra, but I’ve learn to like it.
  17. I don’t have any tattoos.
  18. I always wear shorts to the beach and change into my bathing suit when I get there. It makes people crazy.
  19. I can’t spell. At all.
  20. Prince Albert of Monaco was my babysitter in the late seventies.
  21. I love the opera, the ballet, classical music and hip hop equally.
  22. I have no patience for The Real Housewives of anywhere.
  23. I love being invited to other people’s houses for dinner, but no one ever asks me.
  24. My wife is my greatest inspiration. And she didn’t make me write that.
  25. I started drinking espresso late in the game but I now have at least one a day.
  26. I believe good scotch should be served with one ice cube.
  27. My parents live in Monte Carlo. Who does that?
  28. I’ve only been to Los Angeles a few times in my life. My wife wants to move there.
  29. I don’t think any meal can truly be enjoyed without good wine and good company.
  30. I believe that no one in our company works for me — they all work with me. And I couldn’t do any of what I do without each and every one of them.

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