January 4

Favorites: Europe from The Select 7

Highlights from the Amalfi Coast, Milan, Paris, Rome and Spain.

I travel a lot for work and when I’m not, I’m traveling with my wife (and business partner), Pamela Schein Murphy, and our two kids, exploring new places, visiting old ones and taking it all in. Truth be told, that while I’m really good at eating, walking, sightseeing and speaking a few different languages, my wife does most of the planning and heavy lifting.

Luckily for you, Pam recently launched her own website,  The Select 7, a curated distillation of all of the things she has researched and recommended over the years. It’s a great resource for travel (among many other categories such as fashion, food, beauty, wellness, home and more)  and highlights some of the amazing trips we’ve gone on together. Below are some our European favorites, check them out!

Amalfi Coast: In early summer 2015 we took a family trip to Positano, which I wrote about for Conde Nast Traveler.  Looking for some quick recs, here are the links to all of the places we went and recommend.

Barcelona, Seville + Madrid: You can read the extended version of the trip we took to Spain in March 2015 in Saveur Magazine, but for a quick cheat sheet of where to eat and what to do, check out the Select 7 Cheat Sheet.

Milan: Fun fact, this is my birth city and in October 2015, I journeyed back to Milan as part of the World Expo, cooking two dinners at the James Beard Foundation’s pop up restaurant promoting the USA. Here are some favorites from the trip.

Paris: What can I say about Paris, except that it’s always a good idea. I spent a good part of my childhood here, and we make it a point to go back every year. We have adopted it as our second home city and I can’t recommend a trip here strongly enough. Especially now.

Rome: The better question really is where not to eat in Rome? But here are a few sublime places I’m dreaming of right now.