September 3

Favorites: Italy-Spoleto

I guess the better question when talking about Italy in general, is where not to eat. The truth is that I  have never had a bad meal anywhere in italy because even at its very worst, italian food is still sublime. But here are a few favorites from Spoleto.

Al Palazzaccio da Piero

Al Palazzaccio is a family-run trattoria with traditional Spoleto fare. In the warmer months, long lunches in the garden make for great culinary memories. Their spaghetti benedettina with bay leaves is so simple and unforgettable. They have an entire menu of black truffle dishes, a specialty of the region.
Localita San Giacomo km. 134 06048 Spoleto / Phone: 06.68803686

Ristorante Dei Pini

This place is is filled with construction workers and business men on their lunch breaks and is presided over by Giancarlo, who has worked there since he was a teenager and comes over to your table to recite the menu of the day from memory. Their “tagliatelle ai pini” are a favorite, as are the strangozzi and the many side dishes — from wild asparagus, to sautéed chicory, to fresh mixed salad.
Via 3 Settembre 1 06049 Spoleto / Phone: 39 (0)743.48156

Ristorante Pecchiarda

My brother has a house in this small village in Italy and we love to go to Pecchiarda for their veal-stuffed “agnollotti” (similar to ravioli) with sweet onion sauce and their pollo Pecchiarda. It’s casual Italian cooking at it’s best.
Vicolo San Giovanni 1 06049 Spoleto / Phone: 39 (0)743.221009