September 3

Favorites: Italy-Rome

I guess the better question when talking about Italy in general, is where not to eat. The truth is that we have never had a bad meal anywhere in Italy because even at its very worst, Italian food is still sublime but if you don’t know any better there can be some duds. So here are a few favorites from Rome between my travels and my head of branding & communications, Emily. Every time we visit, we try to update to give you guys the best options (updated 2020). She also wrote a great guide for The Everygirl that is worth a read.


Al Moro
What Al Moro lacks in ambiance, it more than makes up for. It is old school for sure, and the waiters are there to prove it, but it’s a don’t miss.  Some menu highlights are the carbonara (known on the menu as pasta al moro) artichokes and zucchini flowers with mozzarella and anchovy. Total perfection.
Vicolo Delle delle Bollette 13 / Phone: +39 66 78 34 95

Ambasciata  d’Abruzzo
I go here EVERY time I’m in Rome. It’s about a 5 or 10 minute taxi ride outside of the center in a residential neighborhood and it’s awesome. They give you a big basket of meats on the table when you sit down that you can cut and enjoy yourself. The grilled scarmoza (cheese) is insane as well as the sautéed clams, carbonara and veal saltimbocca. They even have a car that brings you back into town! Hospitality at its finest.
Via Pietro Tacchini, 26 (Parioli) / Phone: +39 6 80 78 256

Trattoria Settimio
This is as authentic as it gets. Run by a husband a wife team (she cooks, he greets), the room is small and like so many European trattorias, lacks the cute ambiance we all long for, but the food is fresh and amazing. They literally make the pasta in front of you. Stand outs are the artichokes and spaghetti pomodoro.
Via del Pellegrino 117 /  Phone: +39 06 88 01 976

Nonna Betta
I have yet to take a trip to Rome without stopping at to eat in the Jewish Ghetto. This place is known for their incredible carciofi all giudia (fried whole artichokes) and super old school setting, it’s a must, especially when touring the Ghetto. Also do not miss out on the fried marinated zucchini, marinated anchovies and when it comes to pasta the dried meat carbonara and cacio e pepe with chicory are the best!
Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 16, 00186 / Phone: +39 06 6880 6263

Salumeria Roscoli
It’s a multi-functional deli, unconventional restaurant, and rich and varied wine bar. So many features, all found in one place. The menu is large but don’t be intimidated! Start with any of the meats and cheeses, my favorite by far was the mortadella. Might have been the best I’ve ever had in my life. The artichokes are also a stand out but the cooked and raw versions. There is also a  cacio e pepe and carbonara that should hit your table. Be sure and make a reservation and try to sit upstairs. This restaurant has become extremely popular.
Via dei Giubbonari 21, 00186 / Phone: +39 06 687 5287

Taverna Trilussa
When you first walk in don’t be afraid that everyone is speaking english. This restaurant is in Trastevere which is a fun neighborhood to go for drinks and walk around. They serve all their pastas in these huge pans which is super cool looking but they also taste really good. The 2 standouts for me are the norcina and tomatoes and basil, super simple but perfection. For the second course go with the beef sautéed with tomatoes & arugula and lamb chops.
Via del Politeama, 23/25, 00153 / Phone: +39 06 581 8918

There are a million places to go for Gelato in Italy, but Giolitti is really the best for a million reasons. It’s super old school with table service (waiters in tuxedos) as well as a take away counter, and the gelato honestly can’t be beat. This location close to The Pantheon is the original, but there is a second smaller outpost, Bar Giolitti, in the Testaccio neighborhood as well at Via Amerigo Vespucci 20.
Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 / Phone: +39 6 69 91 243

Hotel Eden Rome
Newly renovated this hotel just underwent a 17 month renovation and is definitely worth a trip up to their bar to grab a negroni and the view of the city.
Via Ludovisi 49 / Phone:  +39 06 478121

Hotel de Russie
Is a gorgeous hotel with a beautiful garden bar. The drinks are not cheap but the grounds are beautiful and they serve generous snacks with your order!
Via del Babuino 9 / Phone: +39 06 32 88 81

Capo de’ Fero

This is a very typical Roman restaurant in the heart of Trastevere that will not disappoint anybody. A truly Roman experience including a wide range of options. Very good quality and extraordinary value for money.

From Emily’s Guide on The Everygirl: 10 Things You Need to Do in Rome

Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria

“Please go to Roscioli Caffe Pasticceria. I mean it, this place is a dream. And I’m sad I only decided to go the last 2 weeks I was in Rome. Hidden behind its unassuming (and easy to miss) exterior is a tiny, sometimes hot and vibrant coffee bar packed with both Romans and tourists alike. If it’s crowded (and it will be) squeeze your way into a place at the marble bar like a true Italian. Before you know it, you’ll be given ice-cold flavored water and asked what you’re having. Order a cappuccino (it’s the only time of day you can really have one) and a cornetto salato. A croissant that rivals Paris’s version, this one is made with just French butter and egg. It’s then stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella or cured salmon and cheese with coriander seeds on top. It’s the perfect start to any day and while you won’t stay long you will leave on cloud nine from your breakfast bliss.”

Armando al Pantheon

“There are just 14 tables at this cozy little place, located near some major tourist attractions — think Pantheon and Piazza Navona so be sure to book ahead and trust me when I say it’s worth it given the tourist location. Try the spaghetti carbonara and lemon pasta with arugula, and finish off with veal saltimbocca alla romana. All are traditional and amazing.”

La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio

“Venture over to this restaurant in the historic district of Testaccio, an area that may not be Rome’s prettiest neighborhood, but its rich history more than makes up for it. The service is great and inviting. Order the zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies. They also have a great selection of cured meats and cheeses. And I know I’ve mentioned porchetta already but this is also a great one, served with piping hot salty focaccia. For pasta, try the spaghetti with chicory, a very delicious green topped with melty pecorino perfection.”