James “Mac” Moran

Executive Chef
Landmarc [time warner center]

A New York native, Chef Mac got his start just steps away from where he grew up in Washington Heights at a local butcher shop. He followed his passion to the Institute of Culinary Education where he graduated and went on to work at one of New York City’s most influential fine-dining restaurants, Chanterelle. In 2002, he got behind the line at Chef Todd English’s Olives, launching his decade-long tenure with Todd English Enterprises. In 2013, he was the culinary force behind the 35-seat restaurant Rusty Mackerel, opening up in his very own neighborhood. Garnering  press accolades and reviews including a recommendation in the New York Times Dining section. In 2016, he joined Benchmarc Restaurants as Chef Marc’s Executive Chef overseeing both his media and partnership events. He was an integral part opening Grey Salt, Chef Marc’s first outpost outside of NYC. He returned after a successful opening and in 2017 was named Executive Chef of Landmarc Time Warner Center, our 300 seat jewel celebrating 10 years this year!

25 Things You Didn’t Know About James Moran

  1. I was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York and yes I witnessed the riots in the 90’s.
  2. I love 80’s movies & music.
  3. My parents are Irish immigrants which means I have duel citizenship.
  4. I’m a sneaker head.
  5. I am slightly OCD, clutter makes me crazy!
  6. I want to die in San Sebastian, Spain.
  7. Hate rollercoasters, hate.
  8. I’m handy. Before I was a chef, I worked as a carpenter and can build cabinets and hang sheet rock if need be.
  9. I organize my cookbooks by color. It’s prettier that way. There goes my OCD.
  10. I failed Spanish in high school but now I’m almost fluent and I am taking classes to ace it.
  11. My first concert was THE WHO with surprise guest David Bowie.
  12. I was an alter boy. I went to catholic school all the way through high school.
  13. I have two sisters; which I think this has made me more sensitive as an adult.
  14. I was voted Irish Echo 40 under 40. I still have the plaque.
  15. My first car was a standard.
  16. I rarely eat cooked fish but I love sushi.
  17. Dogs not cats, always.
  18. I have been in the food service business since 2000 and theres no looking back.
  19. I would like to write a cookbook someday.
  20. “Mac” is a nickname I got when I was 13 and it’s followed me my whole life.
  21. I have tattoos about 30 hours of work on my body to be exact.
  22. Ive had the honor of being covered in the New York Times dining section and it was the best accomplishment of my life.
  23. I have been in 3 car accidents; and no I wasn’t always driving.
  24. I like to think photography is a hobby of mine, but I would like to learn more.
  25. I don’t like talking about myself.