Victoria Levin

General Manager
Landmarc (at the Time Warner Center)

Wine lover, food fanatic, cocktail enthusiast, hospitality advocate, hopeful educator, passionate performer, and New York devotee: just a few of the qualities we love about Victoria Levin. A strong leader with empathy, diligence and a love of genuine hospitality, she developed her skills and nurtured her passions in many restaurants and bars in Connecticut and New York. In October 2012, Victoria was honored and excited to become General Manager of Landmarc (at the Time Warner Center). She has planted roots and grown wings, and she looks forward to the future of this exciting, dynamic company.


25 Things You Didn’t Know About Victoria Levin

  1. I was born in St Petersburg, Russia. My parents and I lived in communal apartments, dorms, studios, and on friends’ and family’s couches, but we went to the Hermitage for free every Sunday.
  2. I am absolutely terrified of ferrets.
  3. My husband and I have a snorty, adorable pug named Delila whom we saved from an awful place. She has more energy than you can imagine and is scared of plastic bags.
  4. I have been playing piano pretty much since I could walk. I still play often, with bands or as an accompanist or a singer/songwriter.
  5. I love the Seattle Seahawks!
  6. I lived throughout Europe as a child. I speak three languages fluently, some conversationally, and true restaurant Spanish.
  7. My grandmother was an opera singer and my mama was a ballerina.
  8. Hospitality, wine, leadership and financial analysis – to combine my professional passions here at Landmarc is amazing.
  9. Raspberries make me very happy.
  10. I could sit, read and people watch in a good coffee shop all day.
  11. I have led private and public wine tastings, written beverage manuals, waxed poetic with master sommeliers and created a constantly rotating Wine Spectator wine list. I am humbled and driven by my passion for wine daily.
  12.  I love exploring this city, alone or with my husband Bryan – we often walk from the UWS to the East Village and everywhere in between. If someone is singing, playing, or dancing, I must stop and appreciate, bad or good.
  13. I can’t drink anything sparkling – soda, beer, champagne (sad but true).
  14. I am part of a charity called Children International. I have co-adopted a little girl in India who now has food in her belly, clothes to wear and toys to play with!
  15. I went to school for theatre, English and women’s studies.
  16. I have far too many weird random allergies to name.
  17. I was a DJ dancer for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings in high school and was Musical Director of an award winning a cappella group in college.
  18. Watching someone do, use or discover something that I have shown or taught them and then seeing the smile of satisfaction on their face makes my heart melt.
  19. My favorite wine region is Priorat. Every sip is a total body experience.
  20. I am a huge bargain hunter – thrift shop, vintage stores, flea markets, tag sales – for home goods, clothing, and an absolutely insane amount of accessories. (Sorry Bryan.)
  21. One of the only bad grades I ever received was in AP Biology my sophomore year in high school. I am still upset about it.
  22. My number one travel dream is to go to Spain!
  23. My long-time best friend’s stepfather is a professional tattoo fixer. He gave us both Jewish star tattoos when we turned 18. I will love mine forever.
  24. I have been on Eric Asimov’s New York Times wine tasting panel three times (words can not express my gratitude.)
  25. One might describe me as verbose.